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Pegleg Pete's Oyster Bar

1010 Ft. Pickens Road
Pensacola Beach, FL 32561
Phone: (850) 932-4139
Fax: (850) 932-1077

(850) 934-9464
400 Quietwater Beach Rd #13
Pensacola, FL 32561

Hooters has the best fried pickles.  They are awesome.

Cleaning Seashells

Fresh collected seashells from the bays are covered with algae, barnacles, oysters, and mineral deposits.  Some will have hermit crabs or snails living in them.

These are seashells after they have been cleaned with a brush and knife to remove algae and barnacle.

The shells are then soaked in CLR brand cleaner for a few minutes depending on the amount of deposits on the shell.  Then the shells are removed and cleaned with a stainless steel brush, rinsed with water,and allowed to dry for a few days.

After allowing the seashells to dry, they are sprayed with a coat of clear enamel spray paint to bring out the colors.

Things to Do


Sea shells can be found in the gulf, on the beach or in the bays.  Most smaller, light colored shells will be in the gulf or on the beach.  Larger, darker colored shells tend to be in the bays.

Sea shells can be found on the beach after storms, or in the morning from surf and tide action.  But you will generally not find many and there is a lot of competition from other shellers.

More sea shells will be found in the shallow water just feet off the beach in the breaking waves.  You can net shells as they go in and out with the waves or snorkel in the shallows.

In the bays you will typically find lightning and pear whelks, shark eyes, and crown conchs.  Just about all will have hermit crabs or snails inside.  The shells are not pretty when first collected and require a lot of work to get them looking great.  But it is worth it for those who are patient.

Collecting Sea Creatures

Sargassum Seaweed Blowing In

When you see clear water and seaweed - it is the perfect time to find neat sea creatures.  Don't be scared, you only need to be in a couple feet of water.  But do be careful this is the Gulf of Mexico and there are creatures from cute seahorses to sharks.

Grab a small dip net and bucket.  Then start dipping up seaweed and shake out everything from shrimp to pipefish.  After a little time of looking at the seaweed you will start seeing more animals.  See what we have caught under "Sea Creatures".  And always keep sea creatures in the shade and change out their water often.  After enjoying their beauty let them return to the gulf.  Don't try to keep them - they will die.

8581 Navarre Parkway (Hwy 98)
at the foot of teh Navarre bridge

Blue Angels

You have to go see the Navy's Blue Angels perorm or at least go to a practice - practice schedule.  You can find out more information at their website.

Deep Sea Fishing

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